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Why choose us.


Satisfaction about the way you look and feel is the most important part of hair restoration. We strive to understand the patient's goals and exhaust ourselves to deliver the most natural hair restoration. We guarantee 100% of the grafts transplanted to grow.


We pride ourselves in having the most FUE experience in the Nation. Our physician is a 25+ year veteran of the hair restoration field. His experience has provided many new advances that are used in the hair transplant industry today. His medical staff is the most experienced FUE staff in the nation.


Advanced Hair Restoration uses the most sophisticated FUE extraction technology available. We have also assessed and utilized numerous products on the market such as Neograft and Robotic Hair Restoration. We study and record patient and graft quality, with over 2 million FUE grafts worth of data.


Advances in medical technology have allowed the cost of hair restoration to be affordable on almost any budget. We offer the most competitive rates in the market, while providing the highest level of experience. We are almost all patients ourselves and would never want to see someone not be able to restore their life due to financing.


Our physician is a 25+ year veteran of the hair transplant industry; Our consultants have had the procedure themselves and have been in the industry for decades.


Advanced Hair Restoration is the world's leader in FUE hair transplants. Patients and celebrities fly in worldwide. We have the most experienced physicians and medical staff, while utilizing the latest and most proven techniques in the industry.